Online ToDo List and Task Manager

Wow!ToDo is a simple online todo list and task manager (personal organizer). Register your account and maintain your todo task list from any computer over the Internet (e.g from your work or home computer, iPad, iPhone, smartphone, etc.)

Roughly based on Michael Linenberger's MYN system as taught in the book "Master Your Workday Now!":

Key advantages are...

Urgency zones: don't feel overloaded with the tasks!
Add every todo task to an urgency zone:

  • Critical NOW - must do today
  • Optional NOW - do this week, today if possible
  • Over horizon - don't do this week, consider doing later

Recurrent tasks (Schedule):
Don't forget about your friend birthday, visiting your favourite websites or watching TV shows, work meetings, etc.

Human dates:
Specify a todo task due date in a "human" format: e.g. Fri - next friday, 10 - the 10th day of month, etc. Read more